FILEman is easily configurable to your needs thanks to various settings. Navigate to Components > FILEman > Settings from within Joomla's administrator interface.

Store files in

Want to change the folder where FILEman stores file uploads? Simply change the "Store files in" setting in FILEman.

You don't have to worry about broken links to inserted files in your articles. FILEman doesn't use direct paths when inserting files using our Files editor button.

If you upgraded from FILEman 2 your files are stored in the same folder as used by Joomla's Media Manager. You can change the path but existing files won't be moved automatically.

File size limit

By default the allowed upload file size is unlimited.

Create thumbnails

Configure if FILEman should generate thumbnails from uploaded images.

Allowed file extensions

Configure which file extensions are allowed for upload.


Manage the permission settings for the user groups.


Send email notifications on file uploads to one or more email addresses.