Setup a user file area

FILEman makes it very easy to allow users to manage their own files from the frontend using the special 'User files' menu type. This menu type ensure that users only see their own files, files get stored in a dedicated folder per user. 

Use case test

Registered users should be able to:

  1. access specific files that are not accessible by other users
  2. create folders and upload files that are not accessible to other users


FILEman comes with a special menu type called User Files. This makes it very easy to setup a list of files per user for various use cases and workflows.

  1. Create a Menu Item called 'My Files'
  2. Use type User Files
  3. Choose a layout: Table or Gallery
  4. Set the Access Level to Registered

Note: Make sure that the Registered group has create permissions, if not the user will not be able to upload files.


A registered user will see the 'My Files' Menu Item allowing him to upload files and browse the files that have been uploaded earlier. User files get stored in a separate container located at joomlatools-files/fileman-user-files. Each user will automatically have new folder (based on their username) created the first time they access the menu item.