Getting started


  1. Download LOGman from our Support Center
  2. Navigate to Extensions > Manage > Install
  3. Open the Upload Package File tab
  4. Click Choose file to select the downloaded LOGman package
  5. Click Upload & Install to start installation

Open LOGman

Open LOGman by navigating to Components > LOGman.

What actions are logged?

LOGman is capable of logging 110+ user actions.

Joomla core

Component Resource Actions
Banners Banner add, edit, delete
Categories Category add, edit, delete
Contact Contact add, edit, delete, form submit
Content Article add, edit, delete
Installer Extension install, upgrade, uninstall
Languages Content language add, edit, delete
Menu Item delete, add *, edit*
Menu add *, edit*, delete*
Modules Module add, edit, delete *
Newsfeeds Newsfeed add, edit, delete
Plugins Plugin edit
Redirect Redirect add, edit, delete
Templates Style add (save as copy), edit, add (duplicate) *, delete*
Users User add, edit, delete, login, logout
Group add, edit, delete
Note add, edit, delete
Level add, edit, delete
Weblinks Weblink add, edit, delete
* Only supported on Joomla 3.4 or later.

3rd party extensions

LOGman comes with a built-in support for our DOCman & FILEman extensions and offers support for many other Joomla extensions (K2, EasyDiscuss, Zoo, ...) through separate installable plugins.


Curious? Try our LOGman demo.