Getting started with DOCman


  1. Download DOCman from our Support Center
  2. Navigate to Extensions > Manage > Install
  3. Open the Upload Package File tab
  4. Click Choose file to select the downloaded DOCman package
  5. Click Upload & Install to start installation

Import data (optional)

Need to import DOCman data from another installation? See Migrating DOCman to a different site.

Three steps to get started

Now that you know how to install DOCman, let’s start using it.

1. Create your first category

  1. Navigate to Components > DOCman > Categories
  2. Click New in the toolbar
  3. Enter a title & description
  4. Click Save & Close

Learn more about  document categories.

2. Create your first document

DOCman turns a physical file into a virtual document. A document allows you to add additional metadata (title, description, thumbnail, icon, ...).

  1. Navigate to Components > DOCman > Documents
  2. Click New in the toolbar
  3. Enter a title & description
  4. Upload a file under the File settings panel
  5. Click Save & Close

We're often asked what the difference is between a file and a document in DOCman.

In DOCman a physical file is turned into a virtual document to allow you to define additional metadata for the file. For instance, you can add: title, description, thumbnail, icon, access and action permissions, etc. to the document.

Learn more about  adding documents.

3. Create a menu item

  1. Navigate to Menus > Main Menu and create a new Menu Item
  2. Enter a title
  3. Select DOCman's (Default) Hierarchical List Menu Item Type
  4. Click Save & Close

Check the result

Open your website and navigate to the newly created menu item.

Next steps

Congrats! You’ve now taken your first step in using DOCman. There are lots of other resources to help you along the way.


Curious? Try our DOCman demo.