DOCman Allvideos is a plugin that makes it possible to display DOCman video and audio by using the JoomlaWorks Allvideos plugin.

Although DOCman is capable of  playing video and audio files via the built-in media player, you may need to include a DOCman video or audio within your content articles, to do this you’ll need to install the DOCman Allvideos plugin from JoomlaWorks.

1. Install the AllVideos plugin

Download our AllVideos plugin. Install the plugin and enable it in Joomla's Plugin Manager.

2. Create a new Document in DOCman

Create a new Document in DOCman and upload your video.

For this tutorial we assume an MP4 filetype in the next steps but AllVideos works with almost any filetype.

3. Get the URL

Go to the frontend of your site and browse to the video in DOCman. Copy the URL from the address bar of your web browser.

4. Embed the video in an article

AllVideos uses tags like {mp4remote} to activate the plugin inside your article. The tags are different for each file type so remember the file extension of your video.

Place the URL between the tags as shown in the following snippet:


The supported file types like {mp3remote}, {flvremote}, etc are located in the AllVideos documentation.

5. Alter the URL

Before saving the article you need to change the URL of the video so it points to the video file itself.

  • before: {mp4remote}{/mp4remote}
  • after: {mp4remote}{/mp4remote}

6. Viewing the video

This is the easy part, check the article in the frontend and enjoy the embedded video.