Searching documents

DOCman works seamlessly with Joomla’s built-in search functionality. For better results DOCman also provides its own custom search in list views.

Document indexing: with Joomlatools Connect you can search for text inside DOCman files. Searching indexed files is supported through Smart Search, good old Joomla search, or DOCman’s built-in search.

Default installation of DOCman has 2 plugins that make it possible to search documents through Smart Search and good old Joomla search.

No DOCman specific configuration is required for this feature to work. The search results link directly to the document files.

DOCman has its own specialized search feature on the Hierarchical and Flat list views in the front-end.

When you are creating a menu item to these views:

  1. Go to the DOCman tab and set the Enable document search option to Yes.
  2. Go to the menu item in the front-end and see all the search options.

You can filter documents by title, description (or both), category, tags, and start/end dates. Search results render within the same page which means the menu item settings are all preserved.

Search prefixes for fine-tuned filtering

Search prefixes make it easier to search through your documents, filter them and find exactly what you are looking for.

Here are a few example search terms showing how to use search prefixes:

  • 'title:title you are looking for'
  • 'description:only search in description'
  • 'id:123'

Note: DOCman search indexes documents but does not index document categories.