Getting started with TEXTman


TEXTman is a frontend only Joomla extension, unlike regular Joomla extensions TEXTman does not have an administrator menu item and cannot be accessed via the Joomla administrator > components menu item.

TEXTman is 100% compatible with the core Joomla articles component and can be installed on any existing Joomla site. It doesn't make any core changes, or affect core functionality; if you remove it again your site will continue to work as before.

User articles

TEXTman is specially built for users to be able to manage their own articles from the frontend and is a perfect replacement for the, no longer supported, Joomla User Article Manager. 

Read more about managing articles with TEXTman.


Upon installation of TEXTman you must have at least one menu item linking to a Joomla articles menu type. Otherwise no menu item will be displayed in the TEXTman dashboard and you will not be able to use TEXTman.

  1. Download TEXTman from our Support Center
  2. Navigate to Extensions > Manage > Install
  3. Open the Upload Package File tab
  4. Click Choose file to select the downloaded TEXTman package
  5. Click Upload & Install to start installation

Login to front-end

Login to the front-end of your Joomla website and TEXTman will be accessible from the toolbar in the top of your screen.

From the toolbar you can:

  • open the Dashboard
  • edit the viewed article
  • create a new article on the same page

Learn more about working with TEXTman's sticky toolbar