The Leads plugin displays a simple form when a visitor wants to download a document. The download will start after the visitor submits the form.

This plugin is great if you want to collect contact information of potential customers.


  1. Download Leads from our Support Center
  2. Install the plugin using the Joomla's Extensions Manager
  3. Publish the plugin

Email validation

Our Agency and Business customers that also have Joomlatools Connect installed can take advantage of our built-in Email validator.

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Define recipients

The form data will be sent to a list of email addresses that you can configure from the plugin's settings.

Custom notification message

You can customize the notification message by using shortcodes. The shortcodes will be replaced with information about the downloaded document and form data submitted by the visitor.


You can use shortcodes to add information about the lead and the document to the email title and message. You need to enclose a shortcode with curly braces like this: {shortcode}.

Here is a complete list of available shortcodes:

Document Details

  • document:title
  • document:description
  • document:url
  • document:download_link
  • category:title

Lead Details

  • lead:company
  • lead:full_name
  • lead:first_name
  • lead:last_name
  • lead:street
  • lead:city
  • lead:state
  • lead:zip
  • lead:country
  • lead:phone
  • lead:email
  • lead:description

Form visibility

You have control where to display the form. Choose to display the form only on documents under selected categories.

Define form fields

Configure which fields to hide, or which ones are required. This allows you to capture only the necessary data.

reCAPTCHA support

If you want to stop spambots from abusing your forms, you can enable reCAPTCHA. Just fill it in with your reCAPTCHA Site Key and Secret Key.

Force download video and audio files

If you want your video and audio files to be downloadable instead of playable you can set the force download all files setting in the DOCman menu item parameters to Yes.