DOCman Limit is a plugin capable of limiting the number of downloads of published documents for logged in users. This plugin requires our LOGman extension to be installed to be able to count and limit the downloads.

The plugin allows you to set both the number of downloads to allow and the days (interval) to count the download per user.

Once a user has reached the limit they will be prevented from downloading any documents and get the following message if they attempt to do so:


  1. Download Limit from the Addons tab in your Joomlatools Dashboard
  2. Install the plugin using the Joomla's Extensions Manager
  3. Publish the plugin


Set download limit & interval

Configure the maximum number of downloads and the days (interval) to count the downloads per user.

Limit per document

The download limitation can be applied on a per document basis or for all documents.

User groups limitation

The download limitation can be applied to specific user groups.

Limit by IP address

Guest users can be limited based on their IP address.